is committed to protecting and protecting your privacy, and ensuring the confidentiality of all personal information you provide to us is our highest priority. This Policy, as well as our Terms of Use (GTC) and our Cookie Policy, govern the DEPATOS UG's (limited liability) approach to the collection and handling of information; this Policy applies to all websites, other services operated by us, such as newsletters and price notices. By using the website, we assume that you agree to the use of your information in accordance with this policy. We kindly ask you to take a few minutes to read the policy and contact us if you have any questions. In the event of changes to our approach, we will update these guidelines and update the current version on this page – please check this regularly to ensure that you stay up to date.

What kind of information does DEPATOS UG collect (limited liability)?

Most of the information we collect from you relates to non-personal information, such as anonymous user IDs or device numbers, and does not allow you to be identified as an individual in the world outside the Internet ("non-personal information"). Such non-personal information includes information such as your browser type, the type of device you use, access times, the website through which you obtained, the functionalities or features you may have used while using the website and your general geographic location. If necessary, we will also collect information from you that enables you to be identified as an individual in the world outside the Internet, such as your name, email address, passport number or payment details ("Personal information"). In order to minimize the impact on your privacy, we will not knowingly collect more personal information than is strictly necessary to perform the activities described in this policy.

How and when does DEPATOS UG (limited liability) collect this information?

We collect information that you voluntarily provide to us as part of your use of the website. This may include non-personal information, such as the data and desired destinations of your flight search, as well as the personal information you need to provide in order to arrange a flight with a carrier through the website or a partner page of to book. You always have complete control over whether or not you provide us with this information. In addition to the information you voluntarily provide to us, we also collect certain non-personal information directly from you while you use the website and also indirectly when the information about the third-party application, social network websites (e.g. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) or any other website (e.g. an advertising partner's website) to which you connect via the website.

How does DEPATOS UG (limited liability) use this information?

To deploy the website

We use your information to provide the website and the specific functionalities and functions you require. This includes things like generating search results that best match your search criteria, storing your personal information so that future booking forms can be pre-filled, simplifying the completion of Bookings with third parties through the website, assistance with problems after booking, or the delivery of newsletters or price notices that you would like to receive to your email address.

To optimize the website

In addition to using your information to provide the essential aspects of the website, we also use your information to optimize your experience when using the website. For example, we use cookies to store your language and currency settings and to personalize your experience by highlighting or recommending certain information or travel options that we may have based on your search history and your Use of the website believe they are relevant to you.

For the presentation of suitable advertising

We use non-personal information, such as your searches for or your general geographic location, to present you with relevant advertising. For example, we may use third-party advertising as part of retargeting to send you advertisements to a destination you've been looking for. We will only use your personal information for this purpose if you have expressly authorized it.

To better understand, improve and protect the website

We use information we collect about how users interact with the website to detect and correct errors, improve our services and make informed business decisions, as well as security and security fraud prevention purposes.

For the generation of aggregated data sets for the information of our company and the travel industry.

We use information we collect about users to generate records consisting of non-personal information. Using these data sets, we can provide helpful insights into products. For example, we can monitor the demand for destinations to ensure that fares and travel options that our users want are also available on the website.

To contact you

We use your information to provide you with confirmations, communications or notices that you have requested, such as e-mail newsletters or price notices, or that we must send you in order to provide the website you have selected, such as information about a booking that you have made via the DEPATOS platform. We may also notify you of any changes or updates to the website or this policy, our cookie policy or our terms of use, or respond to messages you have sent us, such as: e-mail messages or social media.

Do third parties collect information about me when I use the website?

yes. If you make a booking with a third party travel provider through the DEPATOS platform, the information you provide during the booking process may be collected by the third party to process the booking. Your information will be used by such third parties in accordance with their own terms and privacy policies; a link to the relevant conditions will be provided to you during the booking process. In addition, third-party advertising service providers may collect non-personal information about you using cookies or similar technologies when you use the website. With the help of this information, you can send you relevant advertisements both within the website as well as on third-party websites and applications on the Internet. For more information on how to use and deny such technologies, see the "How does DEPATOS use cookies and other tracking technologies?" section below.

Under what circumstances does share your information with third parties?

Disclosure of personal information to third parties that process it exclusively on the instruction of We share information about our users with selected third parties who provide services on our behalf or on our instructions ("Third Party Service Providers"). We ensure that third-party service providers that process information on our behalf do so in accordance with contractual terms that oblige them to protect the information and, if the information is used, – process them in accordance with applicable data protection laws and use them solely in accordance with our instructions and not for their own purposes (unless you have expressly consented to such use). Third-party service providers may be located in a country other than you and process your information there as well. If our cooperation with a third-party service provider includes the transfer of personal data from within Europe to a location outside the European Economic Area, we take appropriate measures to ensure that the personal data is transferred to the appropriately protected in this location, usually in the form of standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission and comprehensive security audits.

Disclosure of your information to third parties for processing outside the control of

We share your personal information with third parties for the purposes of the following two controlling and for their own purposes: (1) If you make a booking with a third-party travel provider via the DEPATOS platform. the personal information you provide during the booking process will be passed on to that third party in order for the booking to be processed, and (2) if you expressly authorise us accordingly, e.g. when we place a promotion in Collaborate with a partner and you instruct us to share your email address with that third party in order to receive promotional emails. If you purchase Flight Products on the booking platform of the website, we may provide information (including personal information) to the travel provider to perform standard and fraud prevention checks or to a third party contractual partners for the provision of the services on behalf of the travel provider. Non-personal information, such as fully anonymized records, which contain aggregated usage information of the website or insights into travel trends, may be shared by us with third parties. As described above, third-party advertising companies may collect non-personal information about you using cookies and other tracking tools while you use the website.

Disclosure of information for legal and other reasons

We may disclose your information if necessary to enforce our Terms of Use or other agreements, or to a potential or actual buyer if DEPATOS itself (or any part of our company) sells Is. We may also disclose your information if necessary to prevent, detect or prosecute unlawful or suspected unlawful conduct, or to prevent any other harm or because legal action has been taken against us or to enforce our rights and claims.

How does DEPATOS ensure the security and protection of my personal information?

The confidentiality and security of your personal information is our highest priority, and we limit access to this information only to those DEPATOS employees who need to know the information in order to do their job and to provide you with the website. Although we do our best to protect your personal information, the transmission of information over the Internet can never be completely secure, so we can ensure the security of the information you provide to us at your own risk, do not guarantee.

Where does DEPATOS store my information?

The information we collect from you is stored on secure servers in different locations around the world. However, personal information that we collect from you is stored exclusively on servers in France or in the country from which you access the website, if required by law. Regardless of location, we ensure that appropriate technical and organizational measures are in place to ensure the security of the information we store on our servers.

Does DEPATOS use cookies or other tracking tools?

We use a combination of cookies and similar tracking technologies (e.g. on mobile devices we use non-permanent device number techniques such as IDFA and Android Advertising) to provide non-personal information from you in accordance with this policy your use of the website. Please read our cookie policy for more detailed information on how the website uses these technologies. As described above, third-party advertisers, using cookies and similar technologies, also collect non-personal information from you in order to provide you with relevant advertising both through the website and on other third-party platforms. when you are on any device on the Internet. You can control the application of these technologies through the settings in your browser or mobile operating system. For more information and information about your choices, visit the Network Advertising Initiative website.

Do third-party platforms comply with this policy?

The website contains links to third-party websites and applications and may allow you the option to export information about such platforms. Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for the privacy practices on such third-party websites. If you leave or otherwise stop using the Website, or if you transfer your information from the website to a third-party platform, we recommend that you read the applicable privacy policies of any third-party platform you have collection of information about you.

Does DEPATOS collect information about children?

The website is not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.

How can I access or manage my personal information?

If you have created an account with DEPATOS, you can manage some of your personal data and subscription settings via your profile settings. You are also entitled at any time to ask us not to process your personal data for marketing purposes. You can exercise this right at any time by contacting us (contact sh imprint). You can also refuse to receive unnecessary emails, including marketing emails, by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of such emails. We are always happy to provide you with information about the personal information we store from you. If you would like to make such a request, please do so in writing with proof of identity to DEPATOS UG (limited liability), Rathenaustr. 25A, 22297 Hamburg.

There are a number of helpful tools and resources that you can use to control your privacy online, such as your online choices or the Network Advertising Initiative. In particular, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the privacy features and settings of your browser.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us here or in writing to DEPATOS UG (limited liability), Rathenaustr. 25A, 22297 Hamburg

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