Santa Monica is the perfect beach town with a wide variety of attractions

More than neighbouring Malibu or Venice Beach, Santa Monica creates the ideal balance between the charm of the sea and the elegance of the coast. This makes it an absolutely attractive destination. Santa Monica is only 8.3 square kilometers and very easy to reach on foot.

The city offers a variety of activities. Your itinerary can be as complex or as simple as you want - fill your days with museum visits and first class shopping or relax on the beach and watch the world go by.

The long, wide expanse of Santa Monica Beach differs from other Southern California coastlines in the sheer amount of activities you can enjoy. Both the sand and the sea are clean and beautiful, inviting you to comb the beach, swim and surf. But that's not all. On the Marvin Braude Cycle Path, with the wind behind you and the sound of the waves in your ears, you can play a little chess by the sea, play a game of beach volleyball or enjoy the outdoor activities of the Annenberg Community Beach House. After an eventful day you can visit the most beautiful sight of Santa Monica - a fiery sunset on the beach.