Maui is probably the most beautiful of all Hawaii islands

Maui is probably the most beautiful of all Hawaiian islands. When you arrive at Kahului Airport on Maui, you are amazed how small and simple this airport is, although take-offs and landings are constantly carried out.

You may ask yourself why the Airport Code is OGG, it has nothing to do with location or country. This award honors a captain of Hawaiiian Airlines who spent 41 years of his life serving Hawaiian aviation - Jimmy Hogg.

There is no other way than to arrive by plane. The rental car station here is up to date. Every passenger needs a car and the handling works well.

The island is worth exploring in the highest measure. Whether with the car the coastal distance with over 600 narrow curves or with the helicopter over areas which are not otherwise to be attained fly, that has already a special attraction.

There are hotels on Maui in all categories. In Paia bed and breakfast in the Lindsay Host is a secret tip directly at the water. She is an enchanting young hostess. From here you can start all your activities on Maui.

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