Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia which stands for its peach cultivation

Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia which stands for its peach cultivation. On the license plates of Georgia even the sweet fruit is emblazoned. Atlanta is home to CNN and Coca Cola, among others.

Coca-Cola's museum is unique; besides the craziest merchandising you can try all the products for free, the special thing is that for every country in the world, the products are tailored to the respective tastes. Why not try Fanta after Japanese taste bud?

Atlanta has exciting museums to offer, and Americans can do that - museums that are exciting and entertaining. Atlanta's International Airport Hartsfield-Jackson is a hub in America's south and home to DELTA Airlines. Up to 3 planes land and take off at the same time.

There is no airport in the world where you can find your way around better. The individual check-in buildings are arranged like bars, marked according to the alphabet and connected underground with autonomous trains.

Once you experience how masses of people (over 107 million in 2018) can change to their onward flight here without stress, then you ask yourself why the other airports in the world have not been or will be designed in this way. When the number of passengers increases, a new "bar" is added, in the last 20 years this has already happened twice, you are now at letter "F",

The architecture of Atlanta, especially in the suburbs, still shows the splendid villas from the wedding of the cotton plantations. From today's point of view also a dark time of American history because of the unspeakably enforced apartheid.

Many Hollywood productions had taken up this topic. The best known is probably "Gone with the Wind" after the book of the same name.
Atlanta is a proud city that has many attractions to offer. In summer it gets very hot, in winter the climate is moderate.

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