Travel to North America

North America owes much to the early railroad companies who straddled the country back in the 19th-century encountering seemingly insurmountable problems with weather and the native populations.  Today we can sit in huge comfort sipping a glass of something cool and delicious as the spectacular countryside slides by our window.

 Whether you take the commuter trains between Montreal and Toronto or New York and Washington or one of the iconic journeys such as the Rocky Mountaineer between the Canadian Rockies and Vancouver or the Californian Zephyr which joins Chicago and San Francisco, you will experience some great scenery and outstanding service. When visiting North America, think of cruising on rails.

Another exciting way to travel is the rivers of North America that have long been transporting routes which helped the early travellers explore the continent.  Today they are a marvellous way to slowly explore the countryside. Is it the Mississippi in the south or the St. Lawrence in the north that pulls at your heartstrings?

The St. Lawrence River

Sweeping in from the Atlantic into Canada and navigable all the way to the Great Lakes.  The replica Heritage Style Steamboat, the Canadian Empress is the only cruise ship dedicated to the St. Lawrence where she plies her way between Kingston, Ontario and Quebec City stopping off in Montreal, the 1000 Islands and Ottawa along the way and is a true “river cruise”. 

The Mississippi

 Two cruise companies compete on Ol’ Man River, both using modern and comfortable paddle-wheelers:  The American Queen and American Cruise Lines.  They broadly have the same itineraries, cruising the Lower Mississippi during spring and autumn and retreating to the Upper Mississippi during the hot summer months.