Travel to Indonesia islands

Summer is often the best time to travel, especially for those who are travelling with their family, and it’s a little-known fact that the very best time of year to visit Indonesia is during the summer months.

Unlike the rest of Asia, where blisteringly high temperatures and heavy monsoon rains can threaten to make your holiday a washout, from May to September Indonesia enjoys long, dry and sunny days.

Spanning an area larger than Europe, Indonesia is a colourful fusion of cultures, religions, languages, exotic wildlife and ancient traditions. Spread over 17,000 islands, each one with its own unique identity, there is so much to explore in this varied and diverse country, from action-packed family holidays to laid-back luxury beach breaks.

It may be a backpacker’s paradise with its thousands and thousands of islands and laidback lifestyle, but if you’re in search of luxury in Indonesia, you needn’t look far. This sovereign state and archipelago are filled with amazing sights that will blow you away; volcanic backdrops and dramatic temple ruins, paradise beaches and world-class diving destinations, idyllic islands and beautiful wildlife. A world of wonder..