With Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and American influences, Manila offers a beguiling mix of Asian heritage and Western impulses, which is reflected in the aromas, the appearance and the soundscape. Here you can do excellent shopping, eat and experience an overwhelming natural landscape.

Manila is the lively capital of the Philippines, flanked by two bays. It is located on the island of Luzon.
Things you definitely have to experience in Manila:

Explore Manila's old town Intramuros in a horse-drawn carriage and discover the historic capital from which the Spanish colonial rulers ruled East India.

The magnificent Mt. Taal is the smallest active volcano in the world and easy to reach from Manila.
The Quiapo church in Manila, built in 1586, is an impressive example of Baroque architecture.
Let yourself be enchanted by a breathtaking island sunset on an evening stroll along the Manila Bay Waterfront.

Unravel Manila's fascinating history at Fort Santiago, an important Spanish defensive fort in the spice trade with America.

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