Marseille is a very interesting and worth seeing city; every year, more than 3 million tourists flock to the French Mediterranean metropolis, of course less to have a bathing holiday than to visit the city with its flair and history.

Marseille is also the city where, in the mornings, the fishermen sell their catches at the old harbour. Marseille is also the city where one supposedly gets the best bouillabaisse (that is the famous fish soup) served. And Marseille is also the city where in the evenings one can dawdle comfortably alongside the old harbour, eat well and be entertained.

In Marseille there are a lot of famous sightseeings. Maybe this is the reason why Marseille is so popular with tourists, as one finds numerous highly interesting and partly world-famous sightseeings very close together.

Maybe also many tourists appreciate the fact that Marseille is a big city in which one finds one's way as easily as in a small city. But maybe there are also so many tourists that flock to the Mediterranean metropolis every year, as the city has a history that is more than 2.500 years old - after all, Marseille is the oldest city of France.