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Hidden away in the southernmost part of Croatia lies Dubrovnik - an invaluable pearl.

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Santiago is the capital of Chile and is considered the third highest quality of life in South America and the second best city in the world.

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Large parts of Salzburg's Old Town are UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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There it rises before your eyes: the famous skyline of Chicago on the seemingly endless shores of Lake Michigan.

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Big Island (official name: Hawaii) is the largest island in the USA's Hawaiian archipelago in the Central Pacific.

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Casablanca is the economic heart of Morocco

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In the northwest of England lies Liverpool, one of Britain's most important seaports.

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Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, is situated on the coastal islands of Zealand and Amager.

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Bologna has one of the most beautiful and best preserved old towns in Europe with many towers from the Middle Ages and approx.

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With a population of almost 2 million, Minsk is one of the largest cities in Europe and, thanks to its geographical location, forms an ideal link between East and West.

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Verona is a city in the northern Italian region of Veneto with a medieval old town.

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Are you ready for an adrenaline-charged summer in Bratislava?

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In the city centre of Genoa you can admire the monument of Christopher Columbus.

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Kiev scores with many museums and wellness offers per tourist

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The region around Naples is an extremely interesting area for tourists.

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Riga is not only interesting from a cultural-historical point of view, but today presents itself as a modern European city.

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Tunisian beaches can be found mainly in the east and north of the country.

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Santorini is a symbol. On the one hand for Mediterranean lightness

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Tuscany lies in central Italy and stretches from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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Florence is the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany.

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Welcome to Dublin, the capital of the picturesque island of Ireland.

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Beaches in Sicily are often converted into paid beaches.

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Athens visitors simply can't get around the Acropolis - it is ever-present

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Marseille is a very interesting and worth seeing city.

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Varna is the third largest city of Bulgaria and one of the most important tourist centers of the country.

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Santa Monica is the perfect beach town with a wide variety of attractions

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What you should see of Milan

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A holiday in Egypt means a holiday in one of the most historic countries in the world.

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San Francisco is just waiting to be discovered.

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London is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

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