Stockholm has unique attractions in summer and winter alike

The capital has unique attractions in summer and winter alike.

Do not miss these interesting classics. Are you planning your first visit to Stockholm? Congratulations, you chose the Princess of the Capitals.

With its 14 islands of different size and personality, with playful architecture, waterfront promenades, museums and cafes, it will enchant you. Whether you come in summer or winter - these classic travel tips should not be missed in the program.

Where Stockholm began in the Middle Ages, there are still crooked streets, underground vaults and narrow houses. Strolling across Västerlånggatan, drinking coffee at the main square of Stortorget and photographing the façades in yellow, red and orange is part of the Stockholm experience.

No Swedish attraction attracts as many visitors as the warship of 1628. On its maiden voyage, the Vasa sank off Stockholm - a drama for contemporaries, a present for posterity. Housed in a spectacular building, the ornate Vasa impresses visitors from all over the world.