Riga is not only interesting from a cultural-historical point of view, but today presents itself as a modern European city. With the Riga-Card, a long weekend in the Latvian capital is also an inexpensive pleasure (www.rigacard.lv).

Due to its vibrant life, Riga is often referred to as the "Paris of the East". In the restaurants you can enjoy a rich offer of Latvian and international cuisine, the Riga clubs offer everything from jazz or blues concerts to techno.

In summer, the streets are full of life - numerous street cafés provide refreshments and a good mood. Riga also boasts attractive museums, art galleries and a world-class opera house.

Richard Wagner was the first Kapellmeister to work in Riga for two years before he had to leave the city in 1839, heavily indebted and fleeing from his creditors.