In the centre of Genoa you can admire the monument of Christopher Columbus. He was born here in 1451 and later went down in history as the discoverer of America.

Also, don't neglect the landmark of the city, the Torre della Laterna lighthouse. The city centre with its many small alleys, shops and historical buildings invites you to stroll and stroll.

Along the imposing cathedral of San Lorenzo, with its marble façade, lies the enchanting old town of Genoa.

It is one of the most beautiful old towns in Europe. The Via di San Lorenzo with the Palazzo Ducale, the Piazza San Matteo, the Piazza Corvetto and the Palazzo San Giorgio is particularly worth seeing.

The Via Garibaldi with its Palazzi Rosso and Bianco is also very interesting for culture lovers. A visit of the Palazzo Reale should not be missing either.

Enjoy a delicious coffee during a relaxing visit in one of the many small cafes and let the soul dangle. A special highlight in every Genoa holiday is a trip with the old cable car to the Riglu. Here you can enjoy a fantastic view over the entire Port of Genoa.