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The search for your perfect destination must be simple and uncomplicated. With, we have a strong partner at our side who provides us with a huge selection of flights and flight options. Our search is structured in such a way that you can quickly find a clear selection of flights with little effort.
It is important that we do not add any additional fees for this service!

We don't sell airline tickets - we show you the available prices and let you choose which offer you prefer. With a click on Go to offer you will be forwarded directly to our strong and reliable partner where you can complete your booking.

How do you best use - cheap flight search engine?

The search is structured in such a way that flights from airports near the start or end destination are taken into account. So if you are looking for a flight from Düsseldorf to Miami, you might get a flight from Cologne to Fort Lauderdale. If this flight is cheaper, then this flight will be marked with one next to the price. However, it is also possible that the travel dates will be postponed a little.
Anything that does not match your search criteria will be displayed in blue.
All criteria that match your search will be highlighted in black.

You can find out the exact flight information by clicking on Details. The name of the airline will be displayed if you hold the mouse pointer over the image of the airline.

With this flexibility, you should get your dream flight and airline ticket with just a few clicks.

And something else about the price: We want you to spend an unforgettable, eventful holiday. Therefore save your money for expensive flights. Better spend it on the spot. You will therefore not see all flights at, but only the cheapest ones.

The team at wishes you lots of fun and a good flight at all times.

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