Travel to Saudi Arabia

What we often hear of the Middle East isn’t always positive, which is a shame as there is so much waiting to be discovered in this halal friendly part of the world. 

Whether you’re travelling on business, or looking for a completely different halal holiday experience, the Middle East with its off the beaten track adventures will definitely make you fall in love with these Middle Eastern countries and these should be next on your bucket list.

This special part of the world has been neglected by travellers for so long, that not many people actually know what hidden treasures await for them on the other side; experience these 3 destinations and make that change.


Visa: Visa-free for Nationals from a total of 80 countries including Europe, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

A rich country boasting mesmerizing buildings, an amazing skyline, and delicious halal cuisine, Qatar is home to plenty of tourist attractions and luxurious shopping sprees for those looking to make the most of the modern-day destination. but there’s more to this beautiful city than just sightseeing and non-stop luxuries.


Visa: Visa-free for Nationals from a total of 60 countries including Europe, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

The UAE is famous for its mind-blowing architecture, amazing amusement parks, and luxury lifestyle. With so much going on in the UAE, its hidden gems can often be forgotten. If you’ve got enough time to visit more than one Emirate, do your best to explore these not so known attractions which will definitely leave you in awe.

Saudi Arabia

Visa: Visa required for all countries except, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. Visa must be obtained before arrival.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest in the Arabian Peninsula and is the birthplace of Islam, making it the perfect holiday for Muslim travellers. Mecca and Medina are Islam’s holiest cities and are off-limits for non-Muslims, however, for Muslim travellers these two cities are a must-visit especially for those wanting to visit the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad.