The exciting and eventful past of Oman has long been common knowledge

The exciting and eventful past of Oman has long been common knowledge. However, the proud people and breathtaking scenery behind these legends are still a well-kept secret worth discovering.

Oman is located on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula. The sultanate surprises with wild rugged high mountains, deep canyons, idyllic oases and extensive plantations. Endless expanse marks the fascinating sand and gravel deserts.

The 1,700-kilometer-long coastline is characterized by the varied rhythm of white beaches and steep cliffs.

The traces of the 5,000-year maritime trade tradition are omnipresent. Its impressive archaeological heritage is UNESCO World Heritage: countless beehive burials, monumental clay fortresses, legendary harbors and roosts of incense.

The country offers even more than grandiose landscapes and a fascinating history: its special regional climate and the sparse population make it an ideal refuge for a unique flora and fauna.

Oman is home to the last oryx antelope, the Arabian leopard and the Tahr.

With friendliness, openness and great inner peace, the people in the country welcome the stranger. The visitor is really still a guest.

The Omanis are proud of what they have built up in recent years under the reign of Sultan Qaboos. Today they live in a modern state in harmony with their ancient traditions.

Progress does not necessarily go hand in hand with loss of cultural identity and humanity - this too is an impressive experience for every visitor to Oman.