Varna is the third largest city of Bulgaria and one of the most important tourist centers of the country.

Varna is the third largest city of Bulgaria and one of the most important tourist centers of the country. During the summer months, national and international beach holidaymakers flock to the port city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

The city is the educational and cultural centre of the country. The city organizes more than 20 major festivals every year, which attract many interested visitors. In Varna you will find more than just a tourist place, the city breathes history and will offer you a lot of cultural entertainment. We have been there for you and have examined the city more closely.

With around 2,600 years on its back, Varna can look back on a lively history. Varna has always been a crossroads of cultures, religions, countries and continents.

Its geographical location and historical influences over the centuries have made Varna a multi-ethnic city where Armenians, Turks and representatives of religious groups such as Jews and Christians live together peacefully.

The city of Thracian origin was christened Odessos by Greek settlers. After the conquest by the Ottoman Empire, the city was under the rule of Constantinople for centuries.

After 1945 the city was annexed to the Soviet Union and was briefly given the name "Stalin". In the early 1980s, gold pieces were found during excavations, which are still stored in Varna today. They are considered the oldest found gold pieces in the world.

Varna concentrates a great economic, scientific and cultural potential that drives the development of the city and makes it one of the industrial pioneers of the emerging country. The strongest economic sectors are shipbuilding and tourism. When visiting the city centre, we recommend that you keep an eye on the city's interesting buildings.

Here you will find many very well preserved Art Nouveau villas from the beginning of the last century and architecture that still tells of the socialist past of the country.

In the city centre, you'll discover the handwriting of a street artist on the walls again and again. Laughing watermelons, colourful animals and other imaginative characters are waiting for your eye to discover them. Life in the city centre is marked by the many international students. The city's vibe is hip and maritime at the same time.

You can enjoy a variety of cultural events and relax on the spacious beaches and enjoy the fresh air of the Black Sea.