This year's European elections have brought Brussels back into the spotlight

Not without reason is every tenth Belgian at home in this metropolis of millions. The showpiece and heart of the city is the Grote Markt with its typical terrace cafés, surrounded by magnificent historic buildings. With its architectural highlights, the city presents itself in stylish Gothic and Baroque buildings, decorative Art Nouveau houses and contemporary EU palaces made of glass and concrete.

Typical Belgian specialities, ranging from crispy fries and delicious waffles to gourmet dinners in the three-star restaurant, are offered throughout the city. You should definitely try the rich selection of original chocolates in the numerous chocolatieries, which were invented in Brussels after all.

Brussels is also the capital of comics. Whether the Smurfs, Lucky Luke or Tintin and Struppi - they all come from here and adorn the walls of houses as well as the beautiful Art Nouveau Comic Museum. The large art museums are located in the upper town, above all the Magritte Museum. Shopping fans will find what they are looking for in elegant shopping arcades, stylish concept stores and sophisticated shops of prominent fashion designers. Exquisite antique shops and the legendary flea or antique markets can be found on the Sablon and Place du Jeux de Balle.