Malta is a Vibrant Island and a great place to visit for sea, sun, culture and attractions.

The three inhabited islands Malta, Gozo, and Comino fascinate with their narrow winding streets, Renaissance cathedrals, and Baroque palaces.

Malta is a beautiful country with a remarkable history, incredible architecture, beautiful water, and oh so friendly locals.

The archipelago lies in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km north of Africa.

Malta is the largest of the islands and is also the cultural, economic and administrative centre of the entire archipelago. The second-largest island, Gozo, is more rural and focuses on crafts, agriculture and fishing. Less than ten people live on the smallest island of the Maltese archipelago.

Parts of Malta look like they could be in the Middle East or North Africa. Parts look like Europe or even South America. Parts of Malta are crumbling; parts are beautifully restored.

The capital of Malta, Valetta, has a population of about 5000 but offers its tourists an infinite number of picturesque villages and restaurants. The size of the island also allows quick access to deep bays and historical monuments. Visit the San Anton Palace in Attard.

This is the official residence of the President of Malta, but the gardens have been opened to the public. Enjoy the Orangery and the Baroque garden.

By the way, Queen Elisabeth and Prince Philip spent their honeymoon here on Malta.

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