Make the most of your next trip, discover Bodrum a Mediterranean dream

In the south-west of Turkey, on the Aegean, the 150,000 inhabitants of Bodrum, the coastal landscape is characterised by a random peninsula, windy cape and deep blue bays. The contrast between the narrow ancient streets and modern bars and restaurants has brought the city to be the “St. Tropez of Turkey”.

The author Sakir Kabaagach praised this historic port city in early 20th century. For a long time, Europeans have enjoyed the white beaches and the sensual hammams.

Why Visit Bodrum Turkey?

The Bodrum Peninsula is located on the western coast of Turkey, and has a distinctly European feel.

It’s fringed with a crystal clear stretch of the Aegean, and is only 20 minutes to the nearest Greek Island of Kos. To me, the Bodum Peninsula is a multi-dimensional gem; you just have to venture below the surface to discover it.

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