Kutaissi the third largest city in the country after Tbilisi with the exception of Tbilisi

Kutaissi, after Tbilisi the third largest city in the country with the exception of Tbilisi, visitors can gain insights into an ancient time when the town was still the proud capital of the Kingdom of Colchis.

Kutaissi has been discovered as a new destination, so some airlines have adapted to it and some offer direct flights.

Today the city is still regarded as the economic, political and cultural centre of the West of Georgia. Since the Georgian parliament met in Kutaissi (May 2012), the city has experienced a new boom, which has led to road repairs, more beautiful parks and a lower crime rate. The Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery are UNESCO World Heritage sites and are well worth a visit.

Georgia is considered the most western and European country within the countries and regions around the Caucasus. European Union flags can be seen in many places and Europeans are often warmly welcomed as guests.

Due to various military conflicts in the past years, the tourist infrastructure could hardly develop. However, this could change very quickly. As a result, travellers still have the chance to be among the few in Western Europe who can report on the natural beauty of this primeval country from their own experience.

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