In the northwest of England lies Liverpool, one of Britain's most important seaports.

In the northwest of England lies Liverpool, one of the most important seaports in Great Britain. The city was founded in 1190 and grew into a thriving trading town in the 17th century.

Liverpool is best known for its football and music scene, where all four members of the Beatles were born and formed their legendary band.

Liverpool lies on the Mersey River, which flows into the Irish Sea. In the 19th century, 40 percent of world trade was conducted via the port of Liverpool. Here was also the shipping company of the unfortunate Titanic, only one of the many ships on which thousands of emigrants from Liverpool sought their fortune in the New World.

However, as a result of the destruction during the Second World War and the increasingly poor economic situation, the city and in particular its port district became increasingly dilapidated, with the result that the docks were closed in the 1970s.

Comprehensive reconstruction and renovation in the 1980s transformed it into an attractive area with bars, restaurants and museums such as the renowned Tate Liverpool.

Today, Liverpool's dry spell is barely visible and the city is modern and tourist-friendly. In 2008 it won the title of European Capital of Culture.

It offers visitors seven free museums and imposing buildings such as its cathedrals, historic warehouses and the Three Graces. Experience football fever at the iconic Ansfield stadium or track down the city's most famous sons in The Beatles Story.