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Italy is a country of great beauty, great culture and most importantly, great gelato! Seeing a place with fresh, naïve eyes is often a brilliant way to soak up your surroundings and experience the wonderment that you may have left behind in your childhood years. However, it is wise not to go into it completely blind, as there are a few things you need to know before visiting Italy to make your trip is as seamless as possible!

Coffee is cheaper at the bar -- In typical Italian restaurants, there is always a different price for drinks ordered and enjoyed at the bar, and drinks ordered to the table, so order your latte al banco (at the counter) with the rest of the locals!  Although beware of the word latte as well – as latte means milk in Italian, so make sure you order a caffe latte!

Be aware of riposo – which refers to the extended lunch hour, usually between noon and 3.30pm, that many businesses and stores respect, meaning that they are closed between these times. Not to be confused with a siesta (which you would expect when you are on a luxury holiday to Spain). Although it does vary, remember not to allocate souvenir buying to these times as you may be left disappointed!

Get a train/bus ticket PRIOR to boarding - In Italy, buy your ticket before boarding public transport. Though this seems simple enough, there are not always ticket machines at every stop and most ticket offices are closed on Sundays. Tickets are available from most of the corner, tobacco shops and this should be done ahead of Sunday should you wish to travel on this day of rest to save yourself frantically rushing around looking for an open corner shop. Remember to validate your ticket (ie. Getting the date and time stamped on it to ensure it cannot be reused) before boarding if you want to avoid being fined.

You CAN drink from the water fountains-  Unless it specifically says it is unsafe to do so, drinking from fountains here is fine so take advantage! If you are on a city break to Venice for example, it is easier and lighter to keep hydrated through a water fountain compared to carrying around big bottles of water. Wherever you go, make sure everyone is sufficiently hydrated by taking in a few gulps from a water fountain!

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