Tunisian beaches can be found mainly in the east and north of the country.

Tunisian beaches can be found mainly in the east and north of the country, but also the island Djerba, which belongs to Tunisia, has some beautiful beaches ready.

This island should definitely be visited during a holiday in Tunisia; it is connected to the mainland by the so-called Roman dam.
Highlights on Djerba are the numerous synagogues as well as the largest crocodile farm in North Africa. With an area of 514 square kilometres, Djerba is the largest island of Africa.

The capital of the country Tunisia is Tunis; one should not miss also this with a vacation in the country. The name of the country Tunisia is derived by the way from this city.

Nature lovers should go to the north of the country; this area is not called "green Tunisia" for nothing. Here mountains and fertile plains dominate the landscape.

Here you will also find the most species-rich flora in Tunisia, mainly oaks and pines. The fauna of Tunisia, on the other hand, is not rich in species; in the desert areas you can find snakes, scorpions and locusts.

If you plan a holiday in the north of Tunisia, the months from May to October are best, all other areas of the country should be visited in the months from October to April.

The climate is warmest on the coast, influenced by the hot Scirocco wind. The further you go to the centre of the country, the cooler the temperatures get.